Softair -
Informazioni sul softair, foto, episodi legali, link.

  Arco e Frecce Super Store -
[Pero, MI] Negozio di arceria con ampio catalogo di articoli per il softair. Listino con foto, vendita onlin
e, elenco di associazioni e forum.
  Softair Club -
Storia e presentazione del softair, elenco dei club di tutto il mondo, profilo dei giocatori e dei giochi di softair, foto di modelli di armi, il bollettino, gli aspetti didattici del softair.
  Jura - Vetrina -
Aspetti giuridici del gioco di guerra softair.
  Seal S.A.C. -
Descrizione e foto dei modelli di armi per softair, tattiche di
guerra, download di screensaver, link.

            Crazy Shop Softair Center


            Franco e Monica

            Repubblica di San Marino.


Air Gun Fun -
Collection of disparate articles on airgun shooting.

Air Gun Maintenance and History -
Basic air gun maintenance and interesting facts about the history of air guns. Photo galleries of vintage and modern air guns. Free targets and air gun reviews.

Air Pistol Test -
Reports, reviews, performance notes and feature comparisons on competitive target pistols.

Airgun BBS -
Bulletin board service for online chat with other airgun enthusiasts. One of the best online resources for the airgun shooter that wants answers from experts.

Airgun Forum -
Enthusiasts' discussion area.

Airgun Forum -
BBS Service for all kinds of airgun shooters. There are target shooting, hunting, Field Target and maintenance categories.

Airgun Sport -
News and information on air gun products and accessories.

Airgun Warehouse -
Offers airgun products from manufacturers such as Daisy, Crosman, Beeman, RWS, and Gamo. Also includes safety information that pertains to the shooting sports. -
Airgun site featuring, news, reviews, clubfinder, airgun forum, on-line shops, readers adverts, hunting and field target shooting.

Airgunners World -
Personal site dedicated to the people who enjoy air-rifle shooting. The site accepts article contributions from airgun enthusiasts.

Airgunning Atlanta -
American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) member club based in Atlanta, Georgia. Competitors use modified Olympic 10-meter air rifles (.177 pellets) to knock down animal-shaped field targets placed at ranges from 10 to 55 yards. Open to public.

Airgunning in Portugal -
This is the personal site of Pedro Mateus. There are details of Field Target shooting and air rifle hunting, and lots of photographs. -
British fanzine.

Airgunology and the Scientist -
A wide-ranging site by Dr. Robert Beeman, founder of Beeman Precision Airguns. Includes airgun selection, history, collecting, use, general information, legal aspects, expert witness CV, literature review, parts and items for sale, and safety. Beeman history and art.

Airguns Canada -
Airgun sales & service, Crosman Benjamin - Sheridan warranty station, new and obsolete Crosman parts.

Airguns Today -
Netzine with shooting links and information on hunting, pest control, equipment, beginner's help, clubs, laws, latest issues and reviews.

American Airgun Field Target Association -
AAFTA is dedicated to promoting the sport of air rifle field target shooting, air pistol, and a wide range of other airgun related interests.

American Airguns -
Pages dedicated to serious airguns, airgun products, and the sports that use airguns.

Armagh Sporting Air-Rifles -
Sporting air-rifle and field target shooting club.

Badgerland Air Gun Association -
The club caters for several popular airgun disciplines: 10 metre rifle and pistol target shooting, Field target, and Field Position shooting.

Barbury FTC Swindon, UK -
All-weather firing points on a concrete-surfaced range together with a permanent woodland target course. The club offers year-round shooting and comfortable clubhouse facilities.

British Field Target Association -
Find out the latest information on competitions, events, clubs and items for sale surrounding the world of air-rifle FT shooting.

Bushvalley Field Target Club -
Northern Ireland field target club.

California Airgunners -
Airgunners forum for Californians.

Can-Manglers of Ohio -
Air gun club located in South-West Ohio. Informal shoots 3 times monthly. Field Target quarterly.

Firepoint Sights -
Firepoint manufacture an illuminated 'Red D-ot' sighting device to aid rapid target acquisition.

German Field Target -
This site covers all aspects of Field Target shooting in Germany.

Hawaii Precision Airgun Club -
The club is dedicated to the promotion of International shooting disipline. Disciplines shot are: 10 Meter Air Pistol, and 50 Meter Free Pistol. We also have some Air Rifle and Air Rifle sporter activities.

Ian Pellant Airgun Notes -
Information, notes and reviews of airgun topics. Ballistic software for airgun users is available for download.

JSB Airgun Pellets -
JSB pellets from the Czech Republic are comparable in quality to the major brands, excep cheaper in price. Also see fine airgun accessories.

Milbro Sports -
Airgun pellets and shotgun cleaning equipment.

Montys Miniguns -
Miniguns in all variations, They shoot Bullets, BB's Or Airsoft Pellets

UK airguns -
Includes detailed information about airguns, field targets, and various other competitions.

UK Gun Products Dynamic Pellets -
Non-toxic, non-lead airgun pellets both Dynamic and Prometheus Paragon.

Vectis Airgun Club (Isle of Wight) UK -
Runs Hunting and Field Target competition shoots using some of the most modern and precise airgun systems available.

Vintage Airguns -
A site for collectors of vintage airguns.

Vintage Airguns -
Dean Fletcher's page for Crosman and other collectible guns, includes a listing of items for sale.

Welsh Airgun and Field Target Association -
The governing body of field target shooting in Wales, WAFTA promotes field target shooting and the safe and responsible use of airguns.

negozi custom

Ace Custom 45's Inc. -
Specialize in converting Colt style 1911 pistols (Govt. Model and Commander Model) and Smith and Wesson model (4500 series 5" and 4 1/4" barrels) to the powerhouse 45 SUPER.

Ace Guns Custom Gun Work -
Custom stocks, stock checkering and repair, and do barrel and action work on hunting guns. They buy, sell, trade firearms.

Brockman's Custom Gunsmithing -
Custom rifles for big game hunting. Specializing in big bor bolt action rifles and customized lever action rifles

Buchanan Precision -
Specializing in high quality custom rifles made to the customers specifications for hunting and bench rest. Gunsmith, riflesmith and pistolsmith.

Clark Custom Guns -
Specializing in the customization of firearms for defense, competition, hunting and plinking.

Custom Arms Company -
Specializing in complete customization of hand guns, rifles and accessories.

Custom Gunsmithing since 1972 -
Custom Gunsmithing including Custom Rifles, Custom Stocks, Custom made Muzzle Brakes and Restoration of old guns. All work is done in house. Graduate Pennsylvania Gunsmith School 1973.

Custom Shop -
Gunmaker, gunsmith, restoration, engraving, fitting, and more.

Dan Coonan - Custom Handgun and Rifle Gunsmithing -
Custom Handgun and Rifle Gunsmithing by, Dan Coonan Inc. USA. Expert Gunsmith Service and Repair, get the PPA edge from DCI. Coonan 357 Magnum Pistol Designer.

DGS Custom Rifles -
First-quality custom rifles built to your individual needs by custom gunsmith Dale Storey. Custom modifications and rebarrelling work also available.

Dlask Arms Corp. -
Supplies and manufactures custom-built firearms to competitors, collectors, hobbyists, and the motion picture industry. Located in Delta, BC, Canada.

Dreisbach Arms -
Custom Gunsmithing, from custom rifles and stock work to small repairs on your daughter's favorite .22.

Ed Brown Products, Inc. -
Ed Brown Products is one of the leading manufacturers of custom handguns and aftermarket accessories for the 1911 Government Model handgun.

Encore Trigger Jobs Made Easy -
Complete encore trigger job instructions. CD-ROM with information also available.

FWH Custom Shop -
You can shop online for new and used guns and consignment guns. The official Transfer Agent for the shipping and handling of firearms. There are gunsmiths on the premises.

Gunsite -
Handcrafted 1911 pistol, premium quality components, perfect balance of accuracy and reliability.

Gunsmoke Gunsmithing Inc. -
Gunsmoke builds the finest in custom firearms, from heavy rifles for African adventures to defensive pistols

Hatcher Gun Company -
Custom handguns and rifles. NFA Class II manufacturer of machineguns, short barreled shotguns, and short barreled rifles

Herb's Custom Gun Shop -
Specializes in custom-made rifles.

J & J Custom Firearms -
Custom guns, hunting and reloading accessories.

Jarrett Rifles, Inc. -
Manufacturer of custom rifles and ammunition.

Jarvis Custom -
Hechler and Koch customization service.

Kelbly's Inc. -
Stolle Custom Rifle Actions, Custom Rifles, and Kelbly Scope Rings.

LaRocca Gun Works -
Custom handguns, rifles and shotguns; antique firearm restoration; MAG-NA-PORT authorized dealer.

Les Baer Custom, Inc. -
We continue to produce America's highest quality 1911 style firearms for competition, duty and self defense

MG Arms Incorporated Custom -
Match Grade Arms and Ammunition custom loading, gunsmithing, teflon coating and ultra-light rifles

Mount Idaho Guns -
Offers precision built custom rifles.

Phillips & Roders -
Custom guns, and can customize an existing gun.

Pinnacle Custom Gunsmithing -
Pinnacle High Performance Hand Guns, high quality competition and custom guns

Rampro Corp. -
Rampro manufactures Pistols and Rifles in a wide variety of calibers, action sizes and bolt and port configurations.

Relic Custom Pty Ltd. -
Gun dealer and custom gun smith. Ammunition and reloading equipment and components. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, new and used, parts and repairs. Specialising in custom pistols for IPSC and NRA action.

Richard's Custom Rifles -
Custom Benchrest Rifles, Varmint Hunting Rifles, and custom hand made stocks

Sandy Gun Works -
Custom pistols to order, accessories installed for rifles and pistols. Military firearms rebuilt and refinished. Transfers and special orders for firearms welcome.

Score High Gunsmithing -
Custom rifles, muzzle brake work, pillar bedding, custom barrels,edding epoxy for glass bedding rifle stocks.

Scott, McDougall & Associates -
Defense-oriented firearms based on Colt's .380 series (Government. .380, Mustang & Pony), NAA Guardians, Kahr pistols and Colt's 1911-based guns.

Smith Enterprise, Inc. -
Accessories and services for tactical weapons and cowboy action shooting. Product photos, links, testimonials, and contact information.

Stillers Precision Firearms, VIPER actions -
SPF builds custom target rifle actions and complete rifles for benchrest shooting and varmint hunting using VIPER actions.

Tanyard Springs Gun Shop -
Includes prices, examples of products, details of the various types and grades of stocks available, and shipping instructions.

Terry Clifton Custom Rifles -
Hit your target with an accurate custom rifle.

Tibbets Classic Customs -
One man shop specializing in full Custom 1911 models, revolvers and single actions. Master Pistolsmith for 17 years.Competition or carry.

UK - Precision Rifle Services Ltd -
Specialists in extreme rifle accuracy. A small business based in Scotland that builds custom rifles. Other services include re-barreling and stock machining.

Waffen Klett -
Gunmaker with a long history in Europe. Used shotguns, custom rifles, fine guns, and custom leatherwork.

Wildey Guns -
World's first and foremost gas operated pistol-the .475 Wildey Magnum.

Wilson Combat -
Custom handguns and accessories for practical shooting and self defense.

Z-Hat Custom, Gunsmith -
Home of Hawk Cartridges, We specialize in wildcat development and custom rifles. Custom Reloading die experts

negozi airsoft americani

Airsoft Atlanta -
Offers guns, rifles and accessories and Airsoft Elite products.

Airsoft Extreme -
Sells a full line of guns, rifles, accessories, and tactical gear.

AirSoft Guns Unlimited -
Sells guns, rifles, pistols and accessories.

Amstech, Inc. -
Sells guns and accessories.

Ice Fire Enterprises -
Sells spring, electric, and gas powered guns, rifles, and accessories

NNA Airsoft -
Sells guns, pistols, rifles, and accessories. Includes movies of equipment in use and a brief summary of the history of airsoft

Precision Airsoft -
Sells automatic electric guns and packages, gas blowback handguns and pistols, shotguns, accessories, and dragon figures.

Airsoft Guns at E-weapon -
International sales of airsoft guns, pistols, rifles, machineguns, BB's & accessories. Also Airsoft auction and chat board. -
Standard and custom Airsoft models, parts and accessories.

AirSplat -
A USA based airsoft retailer with online ordering and a good product range.

Fain's World of Airsoft Guns -
Sales of spring, gas, and electric Airsoft guns and other replica firearms

The BB Shooting Gallery -
US based retailer of UHC Airsoft products including mini automatic BB guns, stickey targets and BBs

Valkyrie Air -
A MidWest based Airsoft retailer.

Wild West Sports Supplies -
Full range of Airsoft models and accessories, very good prices. Also, a full range of Paintball and other sporting equipmen

Airsoft AEG Manufacturer in Taiwan -
Manufacturing Airsoft equipment, including upgrade parts, metal body kits, reinforced gearbox, MP5 AEGs

Airsoft Elite -
Airsoft equipment, including upgrade parts, metal body kits, reinforced gearbox, MP5 AEGs. US & European wholesale, retail and service.

Ho Feng Co Ltd -
Manufacturer of Airsoft guns and other toys. Website in Chinese and English.

Kien Well Toy Industrial Co Ltd -
Product news and accessories. Based in Taiwan. English Website

Unicorn Hobby Corporation -
Product pictures and information. Website in English.

Western Arms company -
Western Arms is a company well known for its very high quality gas guns.

Yick Fung Industrial International Limited -
Manufacturers of all metal MP5's and accessories. Based in Hong Kong.

clubs americani

1st Georgia Airsoft Legion -
Team page for 1st Georgia ASL located in Athens GA.

86th Ohio Regiment: 2nd Tactical Assault Team -
Everything about the 86th Ohio Remgiment. team profiles, reviews, operations, and more.

Cimmerians -
A northern California recreational airsoft war gaming club dedicated to honor and sportsmanship.

Combat Team Omega -
CT Omega is an airsoft team based in Metro Manila, Philippines. We sponsor an alliance called Kommandogruppe-1 to introduce new players into the airsoft community.

Combat Zone Team -
A Swedish airsoft team based in Stockholm. [Site in Swedish and English.]

Covert Operations HRT -
Covert Operation Team is an airsoft assault team in South Florida, basedon the world of master story teller, Tom Clancy. Covert Ops Team is a former paintball team. if you have tried paintball but are looking for more realism, then airsoft is for you.

EG Team -
Homesite of a finnish HC airsoft team. For time being only in Finnish.

HILL 666 -
S3 airsoft team website , Airsoft team in France , HILL666 , Site de Softair / air soft gun avec photos , tests et scénarios .

Joint Airsoft Special Operations Command -
JASOC is an airsoft team based in Northern California. Our main interest is seeing the sport grow in our area.

North Eastern Airsoft Group -
Contains a mission statement, related links, upcoming events, gun reviews, member profiles, and a message board

North Texas Airsoft Division (formerly known as Enigma), -
The best (and only) team in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! Features comprehensive reviews, images, links, and more. Visit NORAD today!

Rapid Airsoft Strike Team Alpha -
Philippine based airsoft team that is specialized in jungle warfare.

Recon Airsoft Team -
Homepage of the UK based airsoft team RAT, containing reviews, articles, team information and more.

Roughneck Airsoft Detachment -
A great group of enthusiasts that operate airsoft games in and around Southern California.

S.N.A.G Airsoft -
Southern California airsoft team and sponsored by Airsoft HQ. Team info, members listing, arsenal and equipment, message forum and team schedules.

Tactical Enforcement Unit -
Includes airsoft team member information and photos.

Team Black Fox -
News and information about a team based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Team Omega Zone -
Provides news items, product reviews, a message forum, downloads, and membership details. Located in the Philippines

Team T.A.N.G.O. -
A US team, with a very professional, and well designed site, with good content

The Gazinger Scouts -
The Gaziger Scouts is a Texas Airsoft team who host large regional Airosoft events. The Gaziger Scouts are capable of a variety of MilSim/TacSim missions including simulated combat search and rescue operations, raids, ambushes, etc. Of the teams players, we come from all walks of life, from a college student to engineers to a business owner. We have several members with prior military service, including a former Ranger, SF Interrogator, and a former SWAT Cop.

The Silent Knights -
Houston's Original Airsoft Team!

Tooele Krew -
Airsoft team based in Tooele, Utah. Contains related links, upcoming events, gun reviews, member profiles, and a message board.

Tucson Airsoft Combat -
An airsoft team located in Tucson, Arizona (USA).

Utah Tactical Airsoft Unit -
Contains information about springers, gas guns, and AEGs. Also includes information about members of the team and photo gallery

Wickham Airsoft Special Squad -
WASPS are the official team for Combat South (a skirmish site in the South of the UK) and have a very professionally designed site, with reviews, player information, and a photo section.





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